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DACOA provides speakers to community, civic and business groups who desire information on the topic of family alcoholism.
DACOA will educate your organization's employees about alcohol's effect on the work environment.
DACOA sponsors seminars featuring known authors and speakers who conduct workshops for the professional.

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Brandywine Counseling, Delaware
DACOA's presentation to our clients addressed how the key to their recovery may lie in addressing underlying issues from childhood. It was a very informative interactive workshop.
Lin Phillips, Counselor
Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institute, Delaware
DACOA has presented the program "Inside Out" at the Baylor Women's Correctional Institute for over ten years. The program has been well received and conveys the message of positive growth in an effective way.
Patrick J. Ryan, Warden
Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, Delaware
For over 20 years, DACOA has provided valuable services to the community to increase the public awareness and treatment for alcoholism. Goodwill has been the recipient of DACOA's quality services through the training of students in our Youth Banking Program. Outcomes show that this training had a positive effect on the students in their knowledge of treatment of alcoholism and in dealing with company policies for alcohol in the workplace. I highly recommend DACOA to individuals and companies who are interested in their services.
Ted Van Name, President, CEO
Latin American Community Center, Delaware
DACOA has relevant information for the Latin American Community. DACOA's Babies. Booze and Birth Defects program has been an effective way to convey information about the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) to our clients.
Marlene Aguinaga, Consejera De Lactancia Program
The Goddard School, Delaware
I was pleased with the classes that DACOA presented to our students. The children thought they were playing while they were actually learning language development through sign language. Signing was combined with word knowledge to help the children learn about "safe people" - trusted adults.
Nita Patel, Owner