Facts About Alcoholism

  • There are 18 million alcoholics in our nation. 29 million, or one out of every eight, are affected by parental alcoholism.
  • In Delaware, 85,000 adults suffer from the effects of family alcoholism. Another 27,000 to 40,000 school-age children have at least one alcoholic parent.
  • 55% of all family violence occurs in alcoholic homes.
  • Incest is twice as likely among daughters of alcoholics
  • Children of alcoholics are three to four times more likely to become alcoholic than the general public.
  • 70% of children of alcoholics develop patterns of compulsive behavior(s) as adults, including alcoholism, drug abuse or overeating.
  • For years, this condition was kept secret. One steadfast rule in the alcoholic family is never to talk about the problem.
  • Now there is an organization that speaks out for children of alcoholics to obtain help for their problems.