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DACOA distributes educational literature about alcoholism and drug abuse. Many of DACOA's programs are available for use by other agencies or health care providers. Should you be interested in one of our programs please contact us.

Program Manual
Program Description
Program in Action
Alcohol, Anger and the Law
  To provide an awareness and understanding of the relationship between alcohol consumption, anger and the law. To encourage healthy attitudes and behavior practices. To foster acceptable anger management and awareness practices to achieve healthy, happy and jail-free lives.  
Attention to Attitude
  Crafted by DACOA to help socialize children, this curriculum has been developed to encourage appropriate behavior, positive interaction with others, self-control, and good listening and language skills. Citizenship, sports manners, and good decisions regarding use of drugs and alcohol are addressed.  
Babies, Booze & Birth Defects
  Created by DACOA to address Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and the danger of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Designed for both females and males to learn the effects of alcohol on the unborn child.  
Children Are People Too!
  This curriculum is for children ages 5-11. It includes understanding and coping with chemical dependency in the family. Positive and negative behavior, feelings, self-image, decision making, and resiliency.  
Class Action
  Class Action is a curriculum for grades 9-12 that looks at the legal consequences of underage drinking. Six hypothetical civil cases are presented and students build legal cases that they present to a jury of their peers.  
For the Love of Kids
  A progressive trilingual program created by DACOA for ages 2-5. Designed to help children understand their feelings and provide helpful guidelines concerning appropriate feelings and "safe" people. Presented in English, Spanish, and Sign Language.  
  A personal growth program created by DACOA for incarcerated individuals. This program addresses past and future behavior, dealing with anger, positive decisions, choices/consequences, anger/forgiveness, and responsibility working with authority figures.  
It's Your Move
  This program was developed by DACOA for ages 13-18. This curriculum includes alcohol awareness, chemical identification, peer pressure, media influence, decision making, boundaries, dealing with anger, and goal setting. This curriculum provides practical techniques that youth can apply to every day situations dealing with anger and peer pressure.  
Kids Have Feelings Too
  A curriculum created by DACOA for ages 3-6. Designed to address feelings and issues which arise in families where substance abuse us evident. This program offers the opportunity for children to talk openly about their feelings in a safe supportive environment. The children address the 4 C's: I didn't Cause it. I can't Control it. I can't Cure it. I can Care for myself.  
Positive Parenting
  Developed to help parents struggling with self-control. The program provides information and skills to reduce family stress and encourage healthy attitudes that foster family unity and cooperation.  
Prom Night Make it Right
  The program, created by DACOA for Junior and Senior high school students addresses drinking and driving and the ways to have a memorial prom experience without consuming alcohol.  
Senior Summit
  A program for older alcoholics and their caregivers addressing issues of anxiety, boundries, stress and depression. The program provides techniques for effective management of late life changes.