The Delaware Association for Children of Alcoholics (DACOA) was established as a nonprofit corporation in October, 1987, and, 20 years later, is the leading voice advocating at the state and local level for children of alcoholics. The association is dedicated to assisting children of alcoholics by promoting public awareness and understanding of their special needs and problems. DACOA provides seminars and free literature and makes treatment referrals throughout the state of Delaware.

DACOA’s volunteer instructors orient school staff and civic leaders about children of alcoholics. DACOA recruits volunteer sponsors for school-based self-help groups.
Call 302-656-5554  to request a visit to your group or school. 

Community Fairs are an opportunity for DACOA to speak to children of all ages about the effects of alcoholism on the family.

DACOA provides speakers to community, civic and business groups who desire information on the topic of family alcoholism.